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  Alberta Governor Service Inc. was formed in 1980 to exclusively service all makes of governors and controls. We quickly established ourselves as a credible service facility dwelling on the years of experience and training of our staff. In 1986 Alberta Governor Service became the first "Authorized Independent Service Facility" in Western Canada for the Woodward line of governors and controls, one of only 26 facilities worldwide. The reputation of our expertise and customer oriented service continued to develop.

  In 1993 Woodward Governor Company recognized Alberta Governor Service's commitment to quality by awarding us the status of "Central Distributor" the only factory direct Distributor in Western Canada.
Test Bench
  Alberta Governor Service has complete facilities for repairing and calibrating hydraulic and electronic governors and controls. Our facility includes three state of the art Woodward electronic test benches and equipment to ensure prompt, quality repairs.
  Our factory certified, licensed mechanics specialize in governors and controls providing you the best in service and field expertise. With six field trucks we are ready to assist you on site. Our computer is linked to the Woodward mainframe computer to obtain the most current specifications.
Exchange Stock
  Our parts department maintains a high level of Woodward and other specialized parts with new and exchange units available for immediate delivery. We are awaiting our final audit to obtain ISO 9002 registration demonstrating our commitment to quality.
  Our years of experience provide you with the application engineering to advise you of the best governor and control systems to match you needs.

  Woodward Governor Company has manufactured prime mover controls and accessories since 1870. Installations range from the largest hydroelectric dams to remote diesel powered generation facilities in the Arctic. In September 1992 Woodward achieved ISO 9001 registration, certificate number QSR-36. Woodward has a full line of field proven governors, actuators and controls to meet your needs for prime mover and system control. A wide ranges of specialized products are available for generator control, steam and gas turbines, compressor control, load sharing, synchronizing and systems management.

Examples of some Woodward governor systems are:
The Woodward Peak 150 electronic steam turbine control is field proven, providing major benefits over the old mechanical / hydraulic governors.
This  economical control offers easy set up and tuning, front mounted operator keypad, remote control, Modbus communications capability, and process control. Applications include boiler feed water pumps, amine & sulphonal pumps, induced draft and forced draft fans. The process functions can be incorporated to fluctuate the turbine speed to match the desire pressure required in a system. Thereby reducing pump re-circulation and greatly improving efficiency.

  The Woodward 828 electronic reciprocating engine control expands on the history of the Woodward 700 series and IGEM control. The 828 provides:

    • Start fuel limiting to eliminate over fueling for easy  starting
    • Dual dynamics provide fast engine response to changing loads
    • Smooth ramp controls minimize engine torsional vibration
    • 4-20 mA speed reference input eliminates the need for an I / P and actuator for remote speed control. Providing accurate reliable compressor discharge / suction control
    • A 4-20 mA output is provided for remote speed indication
    • ModBus communications capability

  The Woodward 828 is an expandable system which can incorporate air / fuel ratio control and ignition timing control. The 828 is the most advanced engine control available, experience has proven that mapping the electronic fuel / speed control, air / fuel ratio and ignition timing provides the best match to achieve the highest levels of precision and reliability. Combining these three functions achieves the highest levels of precision and efficiency for your natural gas engines.

Woodward 828 Control

Electronic governors can be applied to any make of prime mover from the smallest pull-start engines to large bore reciprocating engines. Benefits include start fuel limiting to prevent over fuelling, dramatic improvement in speed control, reliability, direct electronic interface to other system controls, and remote control and process control.